The age-defying paradigm: newest thinking, concepts & practical approaches

The age-defying paradigm: newest thinking, concepts & practical approaches

12 Oct 2017, 14:45 - 15:30

Marketing Trends & Regulations Theatre


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A succinct overview of the program

This panel has been populated by three thought leader experts intent on facing the inevitability of our demise, but aggressively addressing, at the very least, how to slow down our ageing process.  Led by a well- known moderator, we promise to provide a powerful inquiry into some of the latest pathways that address the essential human need to look good.  While we must all deal with the visccitudes of the ageing process, the pathway leads towards the ultimate mission of the Cosmetic Industry: Look Good; Feel Good and Be Heathy. In the fulfillment of this context, BEAUTY Emerges.  

We invite you to join and interact with our panel in our whirlwind overview of this essential topic.


Recent impactful, innovative trends in skincare and ingredient research
Irena James, Instructor of Cosmetic Sciences at UCLA Extension

Our attitudes toward sleep are changing. New research will be discussed which solidifies the science behind “Beauty Sleep”. We present new thinking that affects our nighttime skincare routines by inclusion of the diurnal cycle of skin and significantly affect cutting edge research in cosmetic skin product design.  We also discuss new work on the skin’s microbiome. This work has very recently resulted in a number of skin bacteria-friendly skincare launches featuring a variety of prebiotics, probiotics, fermented actives, synbiotics and other novel approaches. No one will fall asleep during the panel-audience discussion of this topic!


Gene expression: a quantum leap in new pathways for development of anti-ageing skin care
Dr. Howard Epstein,Technical Services Director at EMD Performance Materials Corporation

Gene expression is a very complex and regulated process that allows cells and tissues throughout the body to react to environmental stimuli and the changing needs of the body.  This process acts not only as an on-and-off switch, it also serves as a volume control that may decrease, or increase, the level of expression by specific genes- as necessary to maintain the  Homeostasis- of-Youth.
The study of gene expression is rapidly leading to the development of personalized ingredients, both drugs and cosmeceuticals. These developments are targeted to very specific differences among individuals with differing genetic compositions. This strategy is now being applied for development of anti-ageing skin care cosmetic products.  We assert this new pathway and the emerging wave of the future for “true” anti-ageing cosmeceuticals and invite spirited discussion among the panelists and audience!


Nanoencapsulation: transporting age-defying active ingredients across the valley of death
James D. Oxley, Ph.D., Staff Scientist in the Microencapsulation section at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®) 

A variety of unique bioactive molecules show great promise for use in anti-aging skin applications.  However, developments and results in a laboratory do not always translate efficiently to a finished product.  Product matrices, production process variables, and shelf-life requirements often degrade an active ingredient before it can reach the skin.  Bioactive molecules are especially sensitive and require a balance of protection during production and storage in a fully formulated product as well as being followed by release when the consumer applies it.
Micro-/nanoencapsulation technologies, and formulations, offer an increasing variety of vehicles for enabling the controlled delivery of age-defying ingredients.  New developments in encapsulation technologies continue to reduce the size of encapsulated ingredients and expand the range and power of potential formulations.
The topic is designed to actively deliver new approaches to your product development thinking. Don’t miss the panel-audience interaction. Join it!


Link to Harry's Cosmeticology 9th Edition


  • Meyer R. Rosen


    Editor-in-Chief / President

    f Harry’s Cosmeticology, 9th Ed. / Interactive Consulting Inc.

    Mr. Rosen is a Chartered Chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (London); a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists and both a...

  • Irena James


    Instructor of Cosmetic Sciences

    UCLA Extension

    Irena James is VP of Product Development at YG Laboratories and Instructor at the UCLA Extension Cosmetic Sciences Program. She is also a Cofounder &...

  • Howard Epstein


    Technical Services Director

    EMD Performance Materials Corporation

    Dr. Howard Epstein is Director, Technical Services for EMD Performance Materials Corporation, an affiliate of Merck, KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. He...

  • James Oxley


    Staff Scientist in the Microencapsulation Section

    Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®)

    James D. Oxley, Ph.D. is a Staff Scientist in the Microencapsulation section at the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI®) in San Antonio, TX, USA. ...

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